A little bit about me

As a (almost) Charlotte native and as someone who has lived in North, East, South and now West Charlotte I’ve realized that there is a problem with how Charlotte is doing business. THIS IS A TALE OF TWO CITIES. As an entrepreneur I look for new solutions to the problems we face every day and am running for office to bring opportunity to the District 2 community. Our historical and culture rich district deserves to take part in the growth we see around Charlotte. Let’s make that happen!

My Beliefs

♥ I believe in the powerful relationship between government and business and the ability for public and private investments to create opportunity and a higher quality of life for our community.

♥ I believe that every child deserves a fair shot at success.

♥ I believe in access to affordable housing.

♥ I believe in access to healthy and fresh food.

The Mission

Our mission is to facilitate and encourage community aligned investment through public and private partnerships
in the pursuit of creating opportunity for our community members.

Investment in Infrastructure

Public investment in our community’s infrastructure is a critical foundation for our success in District 2. City investment can drive economic development and investment from the business community which will enhance the quality of life of every community member. CITY INVESTMENT MUST BE FAIRLY DISTRIBUTED INTO DISTRICT 2. I will work to ensure our community gets its fair share of investment. 

Access to Fresh Food

District 2 is stricken with food deserts which are areas that don’t have access to fresh affordable food. This is essential to our overall longevity and quality of life. WE ALL DESERVE ACCESS TO AFFORDABLE, HEALTHY, AND FRESH FOOD. This phenomena is not experienced in most parts of Charlotte and it must stop in District 2. Through partnerships and city investments I will work to provide our community members access to fresh food.

Quality Affordable Housing

Charlotte is in an affordable housing crisis. Housing is not affordable if you are spending more than 33% of your income on rent. In Charlotte, 20,000 – 30,000 families have been priced out of our market. AFFORDABLE HOUSING SHOULD BE QUALITY AND ACCESSIBLE. I will work to increase the amount of affordable housing available, to update the housing we do have, and to distribute housing throughout the city (not simply relegating housing to certain districts). 

Contribute To Campaign

This campaign is 100% dedicated to impacting positive change within District #2.
All support is welcome and is critical to extending our campaign’s message. If you’d like to volunteer or make a financial donation, this is where to get started!

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